1. Club members will be informed of the reasons why we store personal data via registration forms.


2. Data collected from registrations forms will only be used for the following purposes:

Arranging teams

Registering players and officials with leagues and competitions

Internal club communications

For emergency contacts


  1. Consent will be sought for using photos in social media posts and for members to be added to the mailing list via the registration form.


  1. Consent for u18’s will be sought from parental guardians via registration forms.


  1. Data will be kept securely in a password protected document.


  1. Only members of the committee will have access to the document passwords.


  1. An audit of the data will be conducted once a year in October and any data held about ex-members will be deleted.


  1. Information held about ex-members will be deleted when the member leaves if they inform the club that they are leaving during the season. Otherwise information will be deleted at the annual audit.


  1. The designated data controller is: Sally Stevens.


  1. Coaches and team managers of under 18’s will have access to emergency contact details at all training sessions, matches and competitions.


  1. Data will not be shared with any third parties except in emergency, or where necessary for registration of players and umpires in leagues and competitions.


  1. Any data breaches will be investigated as soon as they are found and the relevant authorities notified. This needs to occur within 72 hours of identifying the breach and data breaches reported to ICO.




Data protection policy version 1. 2018

For review in Sept 2019