Mixed training (along with Men’s 3’s) will be on a Monday night from 7.30 until 8.30.

This is open to anybody over 13 who would like to play either mixed, or men’s / ladies Senior hockey.

The mixed team play in the Gretaer Manchester Mixed League.

The purpose of this is to give Juniors an opportunity to progress through into adult hockey and use it as a stepping stone to the ladies and mens team’s, it is also to allow the grown ups amongst you who havent played for a few years a chance to dip your toe back into hockey and see if it is still the game you loved before the kids.
And before you say you are too old there are a couple of people playing who are over 50.

It is a blend of experienced players to coach the kids whilst on the pitch and youngsters to do all the running.

Most of the games will be at 4.30 on a Saturday at Bramhall high school astro

The object is not to pack the teams with SBHC first teamers and win every game, the object is to bring the juniors through and have some fun.

If you are the parent of a junior, come and have a go, there is no prouder moment than playing in a competitive game with your offspring.

If you want more details email on dsa172@live.com

All the fixtures are on Fixtureslive.